Library Facts

From Glencoe Public Library | Centennial Celebration

Otto Raymond Barnett
Who is on the painting in the Johnson Room? Otto Raymond Barnett (Sept. 21, 1868 - March 27, 1945) an active Glencoe community member who helped found the Glencoe Public Library and Glencoe Park Board, and served as a member of the Glencoe School Board, New Trier School Board, Glencoe Historical Society and Glencoe Plan Commission.

Who is the Johnson Room named after?   William H. Johnson, who owned the property where the library is now located and helped make it possible for the library to be located here.

Who is in the painting near the door? The painting near the door is called Composers and was painted by William Samuel Schwartz. The musicians in the painting are Victor Herbert (1859 -1824), Reginald DeKoven (1850 - 1920), George Whitefield Chadwick (1854 - 1931), and Edward Alexander McDowell (1861 - 1908). You can see the painting, and more information about the painting, here.

Who is the Hammond Room named after? Sarah S. Hammond, a former Glencoe librarian and teacher.

Who is the Reference Room named after?  The Thomas A. Forte Reference Room is named in honor of Thomas Forte, who served as Director of the Glencoe Public Library from 1973-1994.