Historical and Architectural Survey

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A printable copy of the Glencoe Architectural Guide Map to Glencoe (pdf) is now available online. This map, published in 1992, and was a production of the Glencoe Historic Preservation Commission. The guide's photographs, text and layout were by David K. Miller, and its graphic design was by Neographix.

Historical and Architectural Survey


Since the implementation of the Village’s Preservation Ordinance in 1990, the Commission has worked to designate or certify more than 40 homes that are historic and/or architecturally significant and also to educate the public about them and about historic preservation in general. The other 260-plus homes on the architectural survey are considered significant but have not yet been researched completely.

Educational components of the Commission's charge include: the Glencoe Architectural Map (1992), brochures providing information on the preservation ordinance and how it operates, housewalks and this cybertour, annual programs in honor of Preservation Week, and a specialized program for Glencoe’s third graders on the Village’s architectural heritage. The Commission also published a coloring book on Glencoe history and architecture, aimed at elementary school students, in a further effort at preservation education.

The process of identifying homes is done in conjunction with the owners. Houses that are nominated and reviewed for historic and/or architectural significance can be "designated" or "certified". The term "designated" indicates that it is listed on the Village’s home survey and is identified as historic or architecturally significant. "Certified" indicates that it is listed on the survey and identified on the home’s deed. In either case, the aim is to prevent demolition and/or changes to the home that would be visible from the street and change the architectural integrity of the house. Owners of designated or certified homes, come to the Commission with their plans for contemplated changes prior to construction. The Commission works with the owners to keep the integrity of the architecture intact yet allow for modernization necessary for today’s living.

Before any house is designated or certified, at least two hearings are held. The first is to review the initial request for designation and to look at the house’s history, architectural drawings, village records and photographs to determine if there is probable cause for identification. The second hearing is designed to review the materials presented, consider new evidence and listen to the opinions of the neighbors. After a vote by the Commission, its recommendation goes to the Village Board which votes to designate or certify the home under the provisions of the local ordinance.

Homes that have been designated or certified are identified in their descriptions. Please note that some houses are known by the name of the first owner. Item numbers 1-96 are based on the numbers used on the "Glencoe Architectural Guide Map" available at the Glencoe Village Hall. For further information and documentation on any of these homes contact the Glencoe Village Hall by mail (675 Village Court, Glencoe, IL 60022) or phone 847-835-4114. .


A selection of photos and descriptions of buildings listed in the Survey appear in our Flickr collection. These photos also appear in the slideshow at the top of this article-- to view a photo's details, click on the larger image. To see thumbnails of all the available photos, move your cursor over the bottom of the slideshow window.