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Getting to the Chicago Botanic Garden  The Chicago Botanic Garden is located in Glencoe.  Here is a link to a Google map with a suggested route from the Glencoe Metra station and Glencoe Public Library.  The route is a little over a mile long and will take you to the south entrance of the Garden.  Pace bus line 213 also goes up Green Bay and ends up at the Botanic Garden.  There is also a trolley that runs certain times of the year.

What movies have been filmed in Glencoe? 

  • The Steven Soderbergh film Contagion was partly filmed in Glencoe.
  • The Clint Eastwood film Flags of our Fathers used the Glencoe Metra station in a scene.
  • The John Hughes film Sixteen Candles had a scene filmed at Glencoe Union Church.
  • The film Risky Business takes place in Glencoe, but was mostly filmed in neighboring Highland Park
  • Parts of the film Ferris Bueller's Day Off were filmed in Glencoe, with one scene filmed at Glencoe Beach.
  • The John Hughes film She's Having a Baby had part(s) filmed at the Glencoe Metra station.
  • The John Hughes film Uncle Buck had scenes filmed in Glencoe.
  • The TV movie Skokie had part(s) filmed in Glencoe.

What famous people live / have lived in Glencoe?

  • Director Harold Ramis lives in Glencoe
  • Archibald MacLeish was born in Glencoe on May 7, 1892.  He was a Pulitzer Prize-winning poet, writer and Librarian of Congress.
  • Actor Bruce Dern grew up in Glencoe on 94 Mary Street (now part of Winnetka).  He is Archibald MacLeish's great-nephew.
  • Actress Lili Taylor grew up in Glencoe and graduated from New Trier High School
  • Actor Fred Savage (as well as his actor brother Ben and sister Kala) grew up in Glencoe before moving to California in his teens
  • Attorney, author and former FCC chairman Newton Minow was a longtime Glencoe resident
  • H. Earl Hoover, former chairman of Hoover Company (the vacuum cleaner manufacturer), lived in Glencoe
  • Advertising giant Leo Burnett lived in Glencoe
  • Chicago Bears offensive tackle Fred Miller lives in Glencoe, while former Bear Brian Griese lived in Glencoe

What is the story behind the ballistic missiles located in Glencoe?  According to an article from the Glencoe News dated April 17, 2003, Glencoe's Skokie Lagoons once housed eight ballistic battilions, including a nuclear missile site.  The missiles were housed in the Skokie Lagoons from 1955 - 1974.  There are no visible traces of the site currently.

What is the book that discussed the Glencoe woman who was forced to remove a buried car (she claimed it was art)?  The book and film Road Scholar, by Andrei Codrescu, details a woman named Themis Klotz, who buried a car in her front yard and refused to move it, calling it art (naming it Monument to Humanity No One Will Be Left Behind to Build After George Bush Has His Winnable Protracted Nuclear War with 20 Million Americans Acceptable Losses).  She was later forced to clean up her yard. Paul Homer, who served as a lawyer for Ms. Klotz, also writes about the incident in his book May It Please the Court. See the essay entitled The Two Trials of Themis K.

What are the two books by Rich Cohen that talk about growing up in Glencoe? The books Lake Effect and Sweet and Low are autobiographical books written by Rich Cohen (who grew up in Glencoe), and both mention Glencoe extensively.

How can I find out who represents Glencoe at the state and federal levels? Glencoe's representation at the state level is divided based upon geography. Your best option to find out who represents you at the state and federal levels is to visit the Illinois State Board of Elections site, which will allow you to search for your elected officials by inputting your home address.