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Glencoe Facts

Getting to the Chicago Botanic Garden  The Chicago Botanic Garden is located in Glencoe.  Here is a link to a Google map with a suggested route from the Glencoe Metra station and Glencoe Public Library.  The route is a little over a mile long and will take you to the south entrance of the Garden.  Pace bus line 213 also goes up Green Bay and ends up at the Botanic Garden.  There is also a trolley that runs certain times of the year.

What movies have been filmed in Glencoe? 

  • The Clint Eastwood film Flags of our Fathers used the Glencoe Metra station in a scene
  • The John Hughes film Sixteen Candles had a scene filmed at Glencoe Union Church.
  • The film Risky Business takes place in Glencoe, but was mostly filmed in neighboring Highland Park
  • Parts of the film Ferris Beuller's Day Off were filmed in Glencoe, with one scene filmed at Glencoe Beach.
  • The John Hughes film She's Having a Baby had part(s) filmed at the Glencoe Metra station.
  • The John Hughes film Uncle Buck had scenes filmed in Glencoe.
  • The TV movie Skokie had part(s) filmed in Glencoe.