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Glencoe Audio Tour

In 1994, the Celebrate Glencoe 125/80 Committee created an audiotape tour of Glencoe, written and narrated by Roland Calhoun. This tour is about 60 minutes long, and covers history, nature and architecture of Glencoe. A couple of the buildings mentione are now gone, but because this tour is so history/natural history intensive, it remains a fun listen, whether you do the audiotour or not. We have digitized this tour and offer both a pdf copy of the original map and a link to the Google Maps listing of the tour.

The Audiotour

You can download the MP3 audio (right-click & "save link as" for Windows; control-click for Macs):

A Downloadable Map of the Tour

Download the Tour Map (right-click & "save link as" for Windows; control-click for Macs):

Driving Tour Map (pdf)

An Online Map of the Tour

Google Maps